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Paytm Messaging service to roll out to compete WhatsApp in India

02 Août 2017

This is the year of changes.

India's largest mobile payments transferring platform Paytm, after opening Paytm Mall to compete with Flipkart and Amazon India, is now planning to let the customers talk to each other on its app, which means that the company is soon coming up with messaging features on its app.

The Paytm app will start out mimicking WhatsApp with chat app features including text, image, video and audio messaging, but it plans to go beyond the basics to integrate more sophisticated features.

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According to the report, "the update and an official launch are expected to happen within the next two weeks". However, the company is yet to confirm on the same. So only time will tell, how Paytm will entice people to switch from WhatsApp to their messaging service.

Paytm aims to take on messaging app like WhatsApp, Hike and Messenger with this new move.

After beating the competition in mobile payments and successful entry in e-commerce segment, now Paytm is working to enter in the instant messaging segment with a new chat option. The demonetisation effect has now calmed down but the market still has a lot of scope for online payment services. Also, Samsung launched Samsung Pay mobile payments service in India with its flagship phones Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The company has plans to open almost 31 more branches and 3,000 customer service points in the first roll out. If WeChat can do both payments and messaging, Paytm thinks it can also do the same. That could allow brands and Paytm merchants to market goods directly to users, and receive digital payment for them without the need for a face-to-face interaction. One of the persons said the new feature has been in the works for about three months now and will help the company further increase user engagement on its platform.

Paytm Messaging service to roll out to compete WhatsApp in India