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Porsche Korea Halts Sale of 'Cayenne Diesel' for Emission Rigging

01 Août 2017

The ruling comes in response to legal action by environmental lawyers ClientEarth and German charity Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH), which had initially challenged proposals put forward by the Baden-Wuerttemberg government to tackle nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter pollution within the city. In striking contrast to reluctant governments and a discredited vehicle industry, courts across Europe are stepping in to protect people's right to clean air and to impose effective measures that will put a definitive end to this public health crisis. Further steps to air pollution are necessary.

Client Earth clean air lawyer Ugo Taddei said: "Hot on the heels of Dusseldorf and Munich, now Stuttgart too has been ordered by a court to introduce restrictions on the most polluting diesel vehicles".

Porsche Korea now has no diesel models selling here after pulling five other cars off the market including Macan S, Macan Turbo and Cayenne GT after neglecting to get approval under the government's new fuel-efficiency system. Stuttgart's authorities must now find rapid and effective ways to solve the region's air quality issues.

Lawyer Remo Klinger, who represented the NGOs in the case, said: "We have won on every level".

Deepwater combines wind, storage
Deepwater has also committed to basing construction and operations in the city of New Bedford, Massachusettes for the wind farm. Deepwater constructed the very first US wind farm off Rhode Island, so it stands a very good chance of winning this one as well.

Germany is gearing up to host an worldwide debate on the future of diesel engines.

The alleged cartel, the largest German automakers chose to comment on Alexander Dobrindt, who served as Minister of transport of Germany: "the vehicle Industry has put itself in a very hard position... the Automotive industry completely responsible for this fucking liability and needs to return to the confidence and correct mistakes", he said Dobrindt.

In Germany, restrictions on the most polluting diesel vehicles are often described as "diesel bans".

Neither option is meant to raise revenue, but to deter the most polluting vehicles from entering the most polluted areas, says Client Earth.

Porsche Korea Halts Sale of 'Cayenne Diesel' for Emission Rigging