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Principale » Mike Pence offers 'prayers and condolences' to Charlie Gard's parents

Mike Pence offers 'prayers and condolences' to Charlie Gard's parents

01 Août 2017

The Pope and the Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, have offered their prayers and condolences following the death of terminally-ill baby, Charlie Gard, on 28 July.

Charlie's parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, fought a five-month legal battle to have him transferred from Great Ormond Street hospital in central London, where he was on life support, to the United States for experimental treatment which they hoped could give "a meaningful life" to Charlie, who was blind and deaf and could not breath without a ventilator.

The legal battle between his parents and Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) over his care had attracted worldwide attention for months.

The protracted legal battle saw the couple take their case to the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court - all of which ruled life support treatment should end and Charlie should be allowed to die with dignity.

They abandoned their legal battle on 24 July, saying it was too late to save him. The hospital even argued that keeping Charlie alive offered him no "benefit" and would just continue his "condition of existence".

Charlie Gard will be buried with his cuddly toy monkeys, his family has said.

A number of prominent figures, both from the secular and Catholic worlds, made statements on the passing of the little boy whose plight sparked global support as well as a debate on medical, infant, and parental rights. Chris and Connie delivered more than 350,000 pro-Charlie signatures on a petition to the hospital. The statements from these individuals came after Yates confirmed that their "beautiful little boy has gone, we are so proud of you Charlie".

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Prime Minister Theresa May also offered her prayers to the family.

What if Charlie's life could have been saved before he was born?

Catherine Glenn Foster, President and CEO of Americans United for Life, issued a statement saying that "Our hearts are heavy today as we learn of Charlie Gard's passing".

"It will give her something to focus on and help to create a legacy for Charlie and mean that he didn't die in vain".

The Catholic Association (TCA) also offered their condolences, noting that Gard and Yates had to endure both the death of their son as well as a tumultuous legal fight.

The most important detail given in the story is that Charlie had been baptized.

Mike Pence offers 'prayers and condolences' to Charlie Gard's parents