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Jars Of Marmite Are Confiscated From City Airport Every Day

01 Août 2017

A study has revealed that us Brits can't live without our favourite breakfast spread, Marmite, when travelling overseas - with London City Airport unveiling that it is one of the most intercepted items by security officials.

The hand-luggage friendly Marmite meets the approval of security officers at airports, who will take away any container with more than 100ml of liquid inside.

London City Airport revealed that Marmite is one of the most confiscated items.

On average, the airport seizes four jars of the brown stuff a day.

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So today, capitalising on this news with extreme viral potential, the airport is confusing the issue by handing out smaller travel-sized jars of the paste to travellers, confiscating larger jars and handing them over to a local food charity.

The swap will be available for one day only, "from 6am until late in the evening", but the airport says that "pending the success of the event, Marmite is considering rolling the initiative out nationwide for lovers".

But tenth on the list of most confiscated items from hand luggage at London City Airport were furry handcuffs sex toys. Going further, the surprises within the list of most banned items are far from over.

The most confiscated item at the airport in east London is a snow globe, followed by jams, toiletries, chutneys and olive oils. What's important, though, is that the majority of food items confiscated by London City Airport are donated to a local charity.

Jars Of Marmite Are Confiscated From City Airport Every Day