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Drake Bell Admits It Was Wrong To Call Out Josh Peck Online

01 Août 2017

In case you missed it, former Drake and Josh co-stars had a falling out recently after it emerged that Josh Peck didn't invite Drake Bell to his wedding.

But while Bell is on board for a reunion, Peck, who has remained silent on the entire wedding debacle, has yet to sign off. It's just, when you've been so close to somebody for so long, I mean, there's just certain things that, you know, 'Hey why'd you do that?

In the wake of the very, very public argument, users took to their social media accounts to say that the lost love between the two stars has "ruined their childhood", and have even gone so far as to call Josh "Judas" for backstabbing his ex-bff. Yeah, I said the ties are cut or whatever, but I should have just texted that to him, you know. Please! Like, just do something to get the attention off of this.

But after his reaction declaring their brotherhood over for all the internet to see, Bell confessed he was actually "just being cranky". "I had to find out on social media?'" Bell said while speaking to "Entertainment Tonight".

Bell also confirmed he would be keen to work with Peck again in the future, saying: "I love the kid". I wanna make Grumpy Old Men with the guy. "I was really surprised and what I was more surprised at was how fans went after Josh". And then you're like, "You know what!?" "You gotta talk to Peck, you gotta talk to Josh", Bell said.

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After months of stress, though, it seems like all is finally fine and good with the former Nick stars.

A reunion, musical or onscreen, would all come down to Peck.

"I would love to do it. If I work my butt off and stay focused, I could do that right now'". At one point, Drake and Josh star Miranda Cosgrove received so many comments on her Instagram that she decided to make a statement about the situation, implying that she's remained friends with both of her former co-stars and doesn't' want to be involved. Fans will be thrilled that the two former co-stars are back on friendly terms.

Drake famously went on a Twitter rant when he found out the wedding was taking place via social media.

Drake Bell Admits It Was Wrong To Call Out Josh Peck Online