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Amazon suspends sales of Blu phones due to privacy concerns

01 Août 2017

Blu, the USA brand behind a line of cheap and cheery Android smartphones, has been temporarily suspended from selling its devices on Amazon following claims that they contain spyware.

The Miami-based company has been suspended from selling its phones on the e-commerce site after cybersecurity experts at Kryptowire revealed that software on its devices was collecting sensitive user data and sending it to China. At the time of the previous security scare it was apparently determined BLU had things under control enough to keep the phones on sale - but now Amazon is pulling the plug 8 months later.

The problem first came to light past year in November, when Shanghai Adups Technology, a firm based in China, was caught for having added a backdoor to the firmware of cheap smartphones like the Blu R1 HD sold in the US.

The incident may have cost Blu its prominent position on Amazon's Prime Exclusive Phones program, which no longer lists the firm's devices. For instance, the Blu R1 HD was popular thanks to its $50 price tag, though it's now believed to be one of the devices affected by the data tracking. You might remember Kryptowire - it's the group that found spyware on BLU phones previous year.

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Keeping a tab on the major security fiasco, Amazon issued a statement saying, "Because security and privacy of our customers is of the utmost importance, all BLU phone models have been made unavailable for purchase on until the issue is resolved". It also claimed it was replacing the Chinese tool with Google's OTA and servers for future products. It's not a high-end device like the iPhone or the Galaxy S8, but it is a nice budget smartphone for the masses who don't want to drop lots of cash.

"The issue is exactly what kind of data is actually being collected by this Adups application, and whether it presents a security or privacy risk", it said.

As for the issue on Amazon removing BLU phones from its lineup, Blu doesn't have anything to say yet.

Amazon suspends sales of Blu phones due to privacy concerns