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Priebus takes his turn on the Trump administration hot seat

30 Juillet 2017

The White House says President Donald Trump will sign legislation implementing tough new financial sanctions against Russian Federation.

"I want to congratulate John Kelly, who has done an incredible job of secretary of Homeland Security", Trump told a crowd at Suffolk County Community College.

Trump had lost confidence in Priebus, privately questioning his competence after major legislative items failed to pass the U.S. Congress, a Trump confidant said.

After months of speculation about Priebus' fate, Trump tweeted his decision just as he landed in Washington after a speech in NY in which he lavishly praised Kelly's performance at Homeland Security. In 42 years of active service as a U.S. Marine, Kelly worked his way up from enlisted grunt to four-star general, serving in both Iraq wars and a number of other deployments.

Scaramucci called Ryan Lizza, a reporter for The New Yorker, Wednesday evening, after Lizza had tweeted that a senior White House official told him that Trump and the first lady were having dinner with former Fox News executive Bill Shine and Fox News host Sean Hannity.

But Congressman Peter King, who accompanied Trump aboard the Air Force One to NY and back, told reporters that he saw no indication of Priebus' exit during the flight.

Trump's new Chief Of Staff is General John Kelly, POTUS has confirmed. Mr. Trump posted the tweets from Air Force One on his way back to the White House from NY.

On the face of it, John Kelly's new job as White House chief of staff looks easier than the one he's held as USA president Donald Trump's Homeland Security secretary.

Trump's announcement on Twitter said, "I am pleased to inform you that I have just named General/Secretary John F Kelly as White House Chief of Staff".

"He is a Great American and a Great Leader", Trump said.

Kelly has formed a bond with the president over recent months that was fortified when he aggressively defended the travel ban policy and has only grown stronger since then, with Trump telling aides that he sees Kelly as someone who dutifully follows through on his agenda and does not ever cause him problems, according to two White House officials.

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Trump tweeted the change after he returned to Washington from NY yesterday.

The party rebellion-led by Senators Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and John McCain- is a deeply ominous sign for Trump, whose political brand is defined by his deal-making acumen and a take-no-prisoners approach to politics. "Change is good. He wanted to go in a different direction. I think people will behave better".

"Reince gave his heart and soul to the administration", he said.

Over the past a few weeks, Trump expressed frustration over leaks coming out of his White House.

"I plan on continuing to serve and report directly to President @realDonaldTrump at the @WhiteHouse, as I've done since 1/20/2017", Scavino tweeted over the weekend.

"I think we've still got a good relationship, we're going to continue working with the party", said Sanders, trying to discount notions of a rift.

As Kelly moves to the West Wing, he'll likely move quickly to confront the "reality television show that runs on a raucous mix of drama, machismo and suspicion", as The Post's White House team characterized it Thursday.

In his previous role as RNC chairman, he acted as a bridge between the Republican nominee and a party establishment that was often uncomfortable with its own presidential standard-bearer.

He has continued to have tense exchanges with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, though they credit him for engaging, and has had a special interlocutor on the Senate side in California Sen. When Scaramucci joined the White House staff last week, it became clear that he would have some of the responsibilities and access normally designated only to the chief of staff. Scaramucci, in his first White House press briefing, said he would report to the president directly, rather than to Priebus, and said he had the authority to fire people.

Only last week did Press Secretary Spicer resign.

Priebus has suffered from a lack of public defenders, at least at the White House.