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Republican Senator Threatens to Impeach Trump if He Fires Special Counsel

29 Juillet 2017

The bill would create a three-judge judicial review process for any decision to fire any special counsel investigating a president or presidential aides. We need a check and balance here.

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) - who had discussed proposing such legislation on MSNBC earlier in the week - is writing the bill with Graham.

Graham harshly criticized Trump for the repeated public insults that he has directed at Sessions, who he believes enabled the DOJ's appointment of a special counsel by recusing himself from the Russian Federation investigation.

There's no telling if Lindsey Graham's legislation insulating the independent counsel Robert Mueller from Donald Trump's wrath will go anywhere.

The statute expired in 1999 amid concerns that it provided the independent counsel a "blank check" to conduct lengthy, expensive investigations that some regarded as political in nature.

A law requiring the courts to review Trump's hypothetical dismissal of Mueller would protect the special counsel, who is leading the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into the Trump campaign's ties to Russian Federation. He said he is now working on the bill and does not yet know when it will be finalized.

The complaints have prompted speculation that Trump could be planning on firing Sessions as a precursor to removing Mueller.

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Mr Mueller has not given any details of his investigation but USA media have reported he is investigating Mr Trump for possible obstruction of justice, both in the firing of Mr Comey and whether Mr Trump tried to end an inquiry into sacked national security adviser Michael Flynn.

"I can't answer that question because I don't think it's going to happen", Trump said.

"Right now I have no reason to believe Mueller is compromised", Graham told reporters on Capitol Hill.

"If Jeff Sessions is fired, there will be holy hell to pay", Graham said yesterday.

Still, this could be the first glimmers of bipartisan congressional efforts to construct a restraining barrier around the Trump presidency. "Graham senses that", Mackowiak said.

If the president did fire Sessions - which would be legal, but would strongly suggest the president is trying to bury the investigation - the Senate would have to confirm whoever the president picks to replace him. Chances are this more aggressive posture, including a presidential feud with Mr Sessions - who served in the US Senate for 20 years - will only make matters worse, however. But, Graham said, he "cannot draw a red line as to what the special counsel might do". "The idea that he would be dismissed while investigating the president and his team is unacceptable".

Republican Senator Threatens to Impeach Trump if He Fires Special Counsel