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Katie Couric leaving Yahoo

29 Juillet 2017

Couric likes to give it back to me as good as she gets - she once catcalled at me from an audience at a Vanity Fair conference, yelling "That's riiiiight", when I was onstage complimenting her about her big salary haul at Yahoo.

Couric's future, or not, at Yahoo has been the subject of speculation for some time, and became a sentence or two in some reports a year ago that the former Internet behemoth was selling to Verizon for $4.8B in cash, in a deal Forbes described as the "saddest $5B deal in tech history".

Couric joined Yahoo as a global news anchor in 2013 in a deal designed by CEO Marissa Mayer to turn Yahoo into a media destination.

Katie Couric is officially moving on.

Couric covered a variety of events for Yahoo, from Election Night to an exclusive interview with Edward Snowden in Moscow.

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"Over the last four years, Katie has created a vast portfolio of work that has been equal parts inspiring, thought-provoking and fun to watch", a spokesperson for Oath told Recode. It was also reported in October that Couric guaranteed nearly 2.5 million views to Hillary Clinton's team when she requested an interview with the former Democratic presidential candidate in early 2016. Recode cites stats from Oath, which claim that Couric and her team saw almost 1 billion video views over their tenure, and produced around 60 videos a week.

But Couric's star faded in the digital space, with many of her interviews going overlooked.

Around 2,000 people from Yahoo and AOL - including many people from of the Yahoo News staff - were laid off in June as part of the transition.

According to the report, Couric's contract expired in March and was renewed through June, whereupon she chose to shift to a project-based relationship with Oath. She is now involved with a six-part documentary series with National Geographic exploring major social issues. She hosts a podcast and has a production company that's produced cooking and travel shows. Her departure from the company is not a total shock.

Katie Couric leaving Yahoo