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Infant who died of suspected abuse born with marijuana in his system

27 Juillet 2017

On Monday, Lovily Johnson, 22, of Wyoming, Michigan, was charged with first-degree murder and first-degree child abuse in the death of her son, Noah Johnson, according to court records obtained by the Detroit Free Press.

A mother has been charged with murder after she allegedly strapped her six-month-old son into a auto seat and left him without food for two days. and WOOD-TV report that the temperature in Lovily Johnson's Wyoming apartment was about 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius) the evening of Noah Johnson's death.

Johnson allegedly told police she intentionally left the child in his vehicle seat in the apartment where they were staying without food or air conditioning, according to court records obtained by local TV station WZZM 13.

On July 18, she left her home for eight hours and did not check on her son when she finally returned.

Police located in the vehicle a large glass marijuana smoking pipe, a skull-shaped glass marijuana water smoking pipe, a plastic bag with suspected marijuana, a digital scale and a metal marijuana grinder.

Johnson is scheduled to be back in court Wednesday for a probable cause hearing. She went to Family Fare, a gas station and a bank before returning to the apartment and finding Noah unresponsive.

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On July 19, she arrived at about 2.35pm at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids with her baby, according to police.

Court records show the child's body was in advanced stages of decomposition.

They also revealed that Johnson had taken out a personal protection order against the father of her first-born child, claiming she feared for the safety of herself and her children after he hit her and bit her in the face. Records show he had been left mostly unsupervised and strapped in a vehicle seat since the morning of July 17 while his mother smoked marijuana and visited friends. "She reported previous suicide attempts and was observed with linear scars on her left forearm, " court records show.

"Like you left your hungry baby in a vehicle seat upstairs in a house with no AC for four days?" one woman wrote. "The vehicle was unlocked, not running and the windows were slightly rolled down".

Wyoming officer Jake Terpsra wrote in his report for the incident that Johnson "did not appear to care the child was in the vehicle unsupervised and she kept defending why she needed multiple DVDs". The daughter was placed under the supervision of the state Department of Health and Human Services on Friday. The mother said White saw Noah twice and has not seen his daughter in a year, court records how.

Johnson asked for a court-appointed attorney. The file also states White has a pair of convictions from 2016 for domestic violence and possession of marijuana and owes $5,951 in child support.

Infant who died of suspected abuse born with marijuana in his system