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'Dinner plate' sized spider surprises Queensland couple at meal time

27 Juillet 2017

Her partner had an even worse time of it, as he was on the outside of the glass trying to cook dinner on a BBQ when it confronted him.

"She told the Sunshine Coast Daily: "(The spider) was preventing us from using our barbecue.

Ansell said that she has not seen the spider since it made an appearance on the patio door.

The couple haven't seen the spider since it scuttled away.

Lauren Ansell from Mount Coolum in Queensland, said she had the shock of her life after discovering the monster arachnid lurking around a door of her home on Sunday night.

Giant house spider
GETTYThe giant house spider is the largest arachnid most Britons will see

Although huntsman spiders are not extremely risky they will bite if provoked.

If you thought freakishly big spiders only lived in the Forbidden Forest, well, you were wrong. "I nicknamed it Aragog".

The eight-legged freak terrifed Ms Ansell and hundreds of social media users.

Huntsman spider is named after their speed and mode of hunting.

They also are called as giant crab spiders because of their size and appearance while larger ones are sometimes referred to as wood spiders, due to their preference for woody places.

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'Dinner plate' sized spider surprises Queensland couple at meal time