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Creepy clown with a machete arrested in Maine

27 Juillet 2017

A ME man told police he was just clowning around.

Police in the USA state of ME have arrested a drunk, one-armed clown who was brandishing a machete.

Mr Berry was arrested and charged with criminal threatening.

The suspect, later identified as Corey Berry, 31, was detained by authorities at around 7pm local time after fleeing into woods.

In February, an axe wielding prankster became the first "killer clown" to be jailed in the United Kingdom after he chased a pregnant woman on the night before Halloween past year.

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The sinister craze began in SC, with reports that men dressed as clowns were trying to coax children into the woods with money.

Berry was released after posting $200 bail, police said. It wasn't until an hour later that they witnessed Corey Berry, 31, emerge from the woods in the peculiar get up, according to WCSH.

Berry, who troopers said was very intoxicated, told the troopers he was attempting to play a prank in the vein of previous "creepy clown" sightings.

Perhaps he read too much Stephen King and watched too many creepy clown YouTube videos.

Creepy clown with a machete arrested in Maine