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Local law makers respond to healthcare repeal vote

26 Juillet 2017

After the Senate could not come up with the votes needed for a repeal, President Trump said he might just let Obamacare "fail". According to the CBO, under the House bill 23 million Americans will lose their coverage, while the initial CBO scoring of the Senate Bill indicated 22 million Americans will lose coverage.

Sister Simone Campbell, the head of the lobbying organization Network, was part of a delegation to Capitol Hill that delivered the letters. "We don't have a partisan interest in this; it's caring for the people".

Local law makers responded after the motion of moving forward with repealing the Affordable Care Act was approved with a tie-breaking vote from Vice President Mike Pence, on Tuesday. "It's the moral responsibility of Republican senators to support the repeal bill and fulfill their campaign promises that helped them secure the congressional majority", concluded Perkins.

The latest possible changes could impact New York's relatively healthy health care system.

"Since many of our communities do health care, we know the struggle, we know the price that would be paid, and that is respected by people around the country", she added.

He said there are no good scenarios that are being seriously considered right now in Washington. They can't afford to do nothing about this ticking time bomb.

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Instead, what they say is, "We made a promise, and we're going to keep it".

Linda Unterman of Bloomington, representing Stand Up for Social Justice, said: "Less than 20 percent of the American people are in favor of any of the announced Senate plans to take health care away from USA citizens, and we will hold the Senate and the House accountable in the next election".

The Senate is expected to debate and discuss repeal and replacement efforts throughout the week.

Home health industry associations, such as the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) and ElevatingHome, expressed dismay over earlier Republican health care plans that would slash Medicaid by about $770 billion. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, at a recent rally to preserve the ACA, said NY has built "one of the best health care exchanges in the country". After complaining for years that the ACA was "rammed through" Congress-in a process that involved a full year of debate, dozens of hearings in both houses and 188 Republican amendments to the bill debated and accepted-they're going to vote on a sweeping bill that had zero hearings and that they saw only hours before, because who cares what's in it?

The IRS could stop enforcing the penalties imposed on uninsured Americans who don't buy health care plans on the individual market.

Material from the Associated Press and the Catholic News Service was used in this report.

Local law makers respond to healthcare repeal vote