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Johnson tries to reassure allies on Brexit

26 Juillet 2017

BORIS JOHNSON has rejected speculation that he will make a bid to replace Theresa May as Conservative leader - saying the public does not want "any more political kerfuffle".

A free trade agreement between New Zealand and the UK is being prioritized by the UK Government, Boris Johnson, the UK's Foreign Secretary, has said.

On Tuesday in Wellington, Johnson said the people who voted for Brexit weren't hostile to immigrants, they just wanted to feel that the British government had a handle on migration.

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Asked whether the infighting within the party could compromise Britain's ability to clinch a timely, Brexit deal, Mr Johnson said: "I don't wish in any way to sound complacent but I have been travelling in Japan and the now attractive New Zealand and any such activities completely passed me one has sent me news of any such infighting".

He said New Zealand was near the front of the queue for a trade deal with Britain once the latter left the EU.

The overall message from Johnson was that individuals and businesses in New Zealand will be no worse off after the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

Johnson tries to reassure allies on Brexit