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Foxconn to produce display panels in Wisconsin

26 Juillet 2017

Foxconn is a Taiwanese company that produces iPhones for Apple - primarily in China - and other electronics for companies like Dell and Toshiba.

Specifically, Foxconn has narrowed its search to Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, or Wisconsin. All signs indicate the company is zeroing in on Racine County. Local officials have been tight lipped after many closed-session meetings regarding unspecified development.

However the report suggests that maybe it might not be as the facility that Foxconn is rumored to open in Wisconsin will be for building display panels for large-format televisions.

Walker has refused to even confirm that he's in negotiations with Foxconn, let alone disclose what enticements he's extending. MI lawmakers this month passed job-creation tax incentives, including one for companies that add at least 3,000 jobs that pay the average regional wage. "We don't have an incentive package to talk about yet", Walker said.

He says sometimes states lose sight of the costs of incentives in the race to land major manufacturers. "Wisconsin has historically not played that game". (Foxconn acquired the display maker Sharp previous year.) The question for the company, though, is what kind of tax and other incentives each state could put together to lure the plant there.

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There might not be an imminent deal to bring the giant to Wisconsin, however.

Democrats who are in the minority in the Legislature have been kept in the dark, said two members of the budget-writing committee.

"We're real excited, but we don't know where they are going to choose. We're in!" Graceffa said. Some lawmakers have raised concerns that the state might be willing to give away too much. Walker ran in 2010 on the promise to create 250,000 jobs, but still hasn't hit the mark.

"I'm certainly hearing rumors that some sort or memorandum of understanding may be upcoming and it's very promising", Baldwin said.

Onalaska Democratic state rep. Steve Doyle is looking skeptically at what a forthcoming incentive plan might look like.

Foxconn to produce display panels in Wisconsin