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Domino's launch voice ordering service to combat slow sales

26 Juillet 2017

Amazon Alexa can now be used to order a Pizza from Dominos in the UK.

You can use a new Domino's Alexa Skill to order pizza by commanding an Echo, Echo Dot, even the latest Amazon Fire TV Stick using different phrases.

"Once that is done, Domino's highlighted that people can make" the simplest food order ever, over and over again" with what appears to be no concern to public health or the financial difficulties serial pizza fanatics could find themselves in.

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All you have to do to get the new Skill working is set up an easy order account at Domino's United Kingdom website, enable the Domino's Alexa Skill and link it with your Alexa account.

The new Skill supports Domino's new Global Positioning System delivery tracking in trial locations, which means that Alexa can tell those who cannot wait to know how far away their freshly handmade delivery is exactly where it is, right down to the minute.

"We're delighted to be the first pizza company in the United Kingdom to have its own Alexa Skill, which lets people order their favourite freshly handmade Domino's without touching a button or picking up the phone", said Tony Holdway, sales and marketing director at Domino's. Next, you'll have to enable the Domino's skill through the Alexa app and link your Domino's and Alexa accounts.

Domino's launch voice ordering service to combat slow sales