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Brexit: Quick deal on citizens' rights a 'moral imperative', Davis says

26 Juillet 2017

'And backed up, most importantly backed up by a treaty so that the treaty itself is enforceable as well.

Mr Davis said a quick deal was needed to ease the concerns of the 3.2 million European Union nationals living in the United Kingdom and the 1.2 million British expats in Europe.

Mr Davis said British courts are "trustworthy" and stressed that the role the European Union wants for the ECJ is rarely, if ever, seen elsewhere the world.

The Czech minister of foreign affairs, Lubomír Zaorálek, reiterated the Czech Republic's priorities with regard to the UK's departure from the European Union with that country's chief Brexit negotiator, David Davis, in Prague on Tuesday. We can only start talking about a new EU-UK relationship if sufficient progress has been achieved in the three main withdrawal areas: "citizens' rights, the financial settlement and the border issue on the island of Ireland".

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'Citizens should never be bargaining chips'.

Theresa May has insisted that Britain must become free from the ECJ as part of Brexit. "It was an opportunity for the two parties to review the main issues and map out where further explanations are necessary", said the members of the European Parliament Brexit Steering group.

And new tensions emerged over Britain's desire to carry out criminal record checks on European Union nationals who apply for "settled status" in the country. It is a core mission of the European project to protect, not to diminish, the fundamental rights of all citizens. "Simultaneously, we seek to avoid an administrative burden for citizens and want proposals which are intrusive to people's privacy off the table, e.g. proposed systematic criminal checks".

"The European Parliament can not be clear enough that sufficient progress means 'across the board", and not just in one or two areas, ' the group said. The European Parliament will formally and in due time indicate when the point of "sufficient progress" has been reached.

Brexit: Quick deal on citizens' rights a 'moral imperative', Davis says