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Relinace Jio's average 4G speed is worst in India: OpenSignal

25 Juillet 2017

"Clearly Jio's networks are capable of supporting some incredibly fast LTE connections when conditions are ideal", it said. As Jio adds more capacity - either through new spectrum or building more cell sites - or as Jio's mobile data consumption levels drop, then its typical download speeds should increase.

In order to calculate the metric, OpenSignal only look at the fastest of its speed tests. As Jio's extraordinary data usage returns to more manageable levels, the big gap between its peak and average speeds should close.

Reliance Jio might have been able to offer low-priced data plans but that definitely came at a cost and that is slow Internet speed. "Network congestion creates a bottleneck that slows down Jio connections much more than the connections of other operators", OpenSignal's Kevin Fitchard said in a blog post.

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As per the report by OpenSignal, Airtel's average peak speed test was 56.6 Mbps, which is 5 times faster than its average 4G download test of 11.5 Mbps.

Even though Reliance Jio's average 4G LTE speed is 3.9 Mbps, the average peak speed (when the network is at its optimal condition) goes as high as 50 Mbps, said the London-based Internet firm that evaluates the quality of the network and their coverage area. OpenSignal's report suggests that Vodafone and Idea offer twice as fast average LTE speeds than Jio, and Airtel's offering is almost three times that by Jio. After ruling over the 4G download speed test, Airtel now tops the chart by being a network with the maximum average peak speed. OpenSignal said one of the reasons why Reliance Jio's network aren't fully optimised have something to do with just the volume of data people are consuming on its network. The survey period was between December 2016 to February 2017. Both Vodafone India and Idea Cellular peak speed measurements are about 4 times faster than their 4G measurements. We extract the fastest speed test from those devices and then toss out the bottom 95 per cent of the results, leaving us with only the top 5 per cent of the fastest speeds we've collected from our crowdsourced community. The report further adds that slowest average speed is due to congestion. Jio has experienced phenomenal growth since launching its all-4G service last autumn, signing up more than 100 million subscribers in the space of few months. TRAI is measuring operator performance under ideal conditions, while OpenSignal's methodology tests the typical everyday experience of consumers.

Relinace Jio's average 4G speed is worst in India: OpenSignal