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Collins warns 'skinny' GOP health plan not adequate

25 Juillet 2017

"Inaction is simply not an option at this point".

A Texas GOP congressman says if the three female Republican senators who oppose a bill repealing Obamacare were men from South Texas, he might challenge them to a duel. Both proposals have received harsh criticism from moderate and conservative Republicans alike.

On Monday, Paul said senators needed more information on the proposed bill before voting on the motion to proceed and advocated for a Congressional Budget Office score before the vote.

"I think it would be absolutely ridiculous for Congress to try to place the blame on the President for the inability to get their job done".

"Like the President, I am sick and exhausted of the left-wing biased media trying to make something out of nothing", Farenthold said in a statement to The Dallas Morning News.

The widely-anticipated vote would bring health care up for debate in the Senate. It comes after McConnell struggled to get enough votes for a Senate replacement bill that failed to get enough votes for a debate last week with the help of Sen. Another bill could repeal and replace the 2010 law while also overhauling Medicaid, the federal health insurance program for the poor and disabled.

Ukrainian govt didn't assist any candidate during 2016 U.S. presidential election
President Donald Trump wrote earlier in his Twitter that the Ukrainian side attempted to sabotage his election campaign, acting in favor of his rival Hillary Clinton. "[Attorney General]" Trump said in his tweet on Tuesday morning.

"Thank you everyone for being here today", Trump said at the start of a White House speech on healthcare reform.

Collins said she had not heard about the so-called "skinny" ObamaCare repeal plan until a reporter asked about it.

At least nine senators opposed the first version of the bill, which was released in the Senate in June, and at least three opposed the revised version of the bill, released earlier this month.

And now, Trump has put the pressure on GOP republicans to pass a heath care bill, the contents of which are unknown to the Senate itself.

The problem is that Obamacare has been in place for seven years, not 17. He called the vote senators' "last chance to keep their promise". The Congress must now return to regular order, hold hearings, receive input from members of both parties, and heed the recommendations of our nation's governors so that we can produce a bill that finally provides Americans with access to quality and affordable health care. That's because several republican senators are against the idea of stripping health insurance from 22 million people. The CBO expects that by 2026, 15 million more people would lack insurance than under current law.

Collins warns 'skinny' GOP health plan not adequate