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Principale » Naples residents react to OJ Simpson parole, possible move to SWFL

Naples residents react to OJ Simpson parole, possible move to SWFL

21 Juillet 2017

The former sports star described what led up to an armed robbery at a Las Vegas hotel, saying he never pointed a gun at anyone or made any threats during the crime that put him in prison.

By then he will have served the minimum of his nine to 33-year armed robbery sentence for a bungled attempt to snatch sports memorabilia and other mementos he claimed had been stolen from him. A Nevada parole board unanimously made a decision to allow the 70-year-old release from prison after serving a minimum term of his 9 to 33 years for armed robbery and assault with a weapon.

A visibly grayer and thinner O.J. Simpson appeared before Nevada parole commissioners Thursday morning and was granted parole, making him eligible to leave prison in October.

"Thank you!" said the 70-year-old, bowing his head as the board approved him for release.

"They acquitted him.but I think he was guilty", Hornbeck said.

The hearing for Prisoner 1027820 took place at the Lovelock Correctional Facility, a medium-security prison in the Nevada desert. "I've done it as well and respectfully as I think anybody can", he said.

Simpson, grey-haired but looking trimmer than he has in recent years, walked briskly into the hearing room dressed in jeans, a light-blue prison-issue shirt and trainers.

Jackson said the board would not take that into account.

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Bruce Fromong says he and Simpson have been friends for nearly 27 years and that Simpson is not a threat.

"I've known OJ for a long time", said Mr Fromong.

"He is a good man".

Simpson's eldest daughter, Arnelle, spoke at the hearing on his behalf, telling the board that while he is not flawless, she believes he has done the best he can.

He said he welcomes the idea of Simpson moving to Collier County.

Simpson, who captured the Heisman trophy as college football's best player in 1968 and was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985, was already one of America's most famous celebrities when he stood trial in the 1994 killings of his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman.

If Simpson violates the terms of his release, he could be arrested and sent back to prison.

"I had basically spent a conflict-free life", he said a remark that lit up social media with scornful and sarcastic comments given the murder case and a raft of allegations he abused his wife. "It wasn't worth it and I'm sorry".

Naples residents react to OJ Simpson parole, possible move to SWFL