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GOP Senate Candidate Calls ADL 'Witch Hunt Group'

21 Juillet 2017

A Republican Senate candidate in OH blasted the Anti-Defamation League, calling the Jewish civil rights group a "partisan witch hunt group", in a tweet.

Josh Mandel, the OH treasurer who is running for the Republican nomination for United States senator, expressed solidarity with figures listed by the Anti-Defamation League as having a "hateful impact" on the political scene.

Mandel lost in his 2012 bid to unseat the incumbent Democrat in Ohio, Sherrod Brown.

Mandel's tweet came two days after the ADL included Cernovich and Posobiec on a list of figures associated with the alt-right, a primarily internet-based white nationalist movement without a clear structure or organization.

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The tweet from Mandel contained a retweet from Cernovich, who called the ADL list a "hit list of political opponents".

Mandel retweeted Cernovich's message on Twitter promoting that particular blog post. Added Jack Posobeic, an organizer of the DeploraBall party in Washington, D.C.: "The ADL is now targeting Trump supporters with hate lists". The event spurred controversy because of its association with alt-right personalities.

"It would be wise of the ADL to remember the history of what happened the last time people started going around making lists of undesirables", Posobiec said before panning the camera to the memorial where the famous Nazi death camp once stood.

The ADL was initially founded to fight anti-Semitism and cites "Jewish values" as the basis of its work.

GOP Senate Candidate Calls ADL 'Witch Hunt Group'