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Deputy AG Rosenstein Weighs In On Mueller Hiring Clinton Donors

21 Juillet 2017

On Thursday, it emerged that Mueller was expanding his investigation to do just that. The Times asked Trump if Mueller's probe would cross a "red line" if it expands to look at his family's finances beyond Russian Federation, and Trump responded, "I would say yes".

Trump said he thinks Comey told him about the dossier - which Trump dismissed as "made-up junk" - to suggest he had something to hold over the president.

"I'll tell you what kind", Shaub said. The former F.B.I. director also testified that he had tried to make it clear to Trump that sharing the information about the dossier wasn't meant to be threatening. "I don't", Trump continued. I don't, I don't do that. "I just thought about man, this is such a phony deal", he said.

In early January, Trump was briefed on the dossier by the nation's four top intelligence officials, who presented a summary of its findings to the president-elect in order to make him aware of the allegations about him and his campaign.

Both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Special Counsel Robert Mueller are looking at the financial transactions between the Trump family, Trump associates, and Russians for potential money laundering. "Look, this is about Russian Federation". I didn't think about anything. But I don't even think about the company anymore.

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TRUMP: So anyway, in my opinion, he shared it so that I would think he had it out there.

"'Cause one thing, when you do this, companies seem very trivial".

"Did you shoo other people out of the room when you talked to Comey?" Now, you know, when you look at the kind of stuff that came out, that was, that was some pretty horrific things came out of that. It was a nice evening, and I left. "It wasn't Moscow, it was outside of Moscow". Mueller is investigating Trump's finances, so it is up to Trump to decide whether or not he is going to fire the special counsel. "I don't think we're under investigation", Trump said.

Comey testified that during a visit to the White House in February Trump asked all of his aides to leave the room before sitting the FBI director down for a private conversation in which he asked Comey to drop the Flynn investigation. Trump expressed shock that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein named Mueller as special counsel "the next day" following the job interview.