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The Latest: House panel wants material from 2016 meeting

20 Juillet 2017

Akhmetshin and Samochornov - after speaking to reporters on Friday - did not respond to multiple emails and phone calls placed over the past several days.

China warned today of an all- out confrontation with India in a growing border dispute in the Himalayas.

Trump had the backing of very few Republican Party leaders during the primaries last year. The means of payment for only one of the lawyers - Alan Futerfas, who is representing Donald Trump Jr. - has been disclosed in a Federal Election Commission filing. The forbidden list now includes widely circulated images of Xi strolling with then-President Obama in 2013 juxtaposed with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, and, from 2014, Xi shaking hands with Japanese Prime Minister Abe, alongside an image of Pooh and Eeyore.

Cobb was brought on as the lawyer in charge of legal and media responses to Russia meddling matters, working with Kasowitz and the rest of the team. That is in addition to the more-than-two-hour session they held that was widely publicized.

Who can blame us now for wondering what else "out there" the Trumps want and will accept. The $300,000 campaign partly financed by Denis Katsyv, Prevezon's owner and a client of Veselnitskaya's.

"That answer? It ignores the chain of emails Donald Trump Jr. himself released under pressure, saying the meeting was about information on Hillary Clinton provided by the Russian government", Cooper explained.

"We end up spending a lot of time talking to the counsel's office about what can and can't be referred to outside counsel, what still remains in our purview", White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Monday. Formed last February, that organization hired a former Soviet intelligence officer named Rinat Akhmetshin to lobby lawmakers against Magnitsky.

Asked about the campaign money covering Don Jr. and other folks' legal fees, he responded: "Lucky for them".

Bernard Arnault : des plongeurs démineurs au service du milliardaire ?
C'est que depuis l'arrêté 155/2016, pris par la préfecture maritime le 24 juin 2016, les règles de navigation et de. Décidément, rien n'est trop beau pour Bernard Arnault.

Trump Jr. has said nothing came of the meeting and that it focused mostly on Russian lobbying efforts around Russian adoption policy.

That bill passed in December and was signed by President Barack Obama. He said it was part of "Russia and its government's support for Mr. Trump". But the lawyers couldn't agree on a single, public explanation for the meeting and ultimately settled on a statement that had to be repeatedly amended as new information dripped out. Bharara was ousted by the new administration in March. He is also affiliated with HRAGIF.

No fan of Donald Trump (few conservative columnists are, actually), Brooks wrote a piece titled "Moral Vacuum in the House of Trump".

The documents do not explain why prosecutors sought Veselnitskaya's communications with Pavlov or detail whether any correspondence was turned over to federal authorities.

Three people on the Trump campaign side of the meeting have been identified so far. This seems to show that Mueller is investigating the meeting.

The hearing will review a law that oversees the registration of foreign agents. It's absolutely ridiculous that he should have...have that clearance.

But it isn't just the Trumps who seem morally challenged.

The Latest: House panel wants material from 2016 meeting