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Teens bullied the most on Instagram and Facebook

20 Juillet 2017

Instagram, where diet teas and make-up gurus thrive, actually has a larger base of younger people than other sites, and people between the age of 12 and 20, experience cyber bullying there the most, according to a new study. A 2014 Cox Communications study on online safety - which surveyed 1,301 teens from 13-17 years old - said 39% of teens witnessed bullying on Facebook.

Online bullying activities include sending screenshots/pictures of someone to others in a group chat in order to laugh at them, trolling others in a game, liking or sharing a post that mocks others or sending nasty messages to someone.

What's the worst social networking site for cyberbullying?

However, actual reported rates of abuse were seemingly somewhat meager - only seven percent of young social network users said they had been bullied on Instagram, compared to six percent on Facebook, five percent on Snapchat and two percent on Twitter and YouTube.

The survey also brought up some interesting insights into the attitudes of young people toward cyberbullying. Interestingly, from the total, 92 percent of the people said that they were using YouTube, making it the most popular platform in the survey, only about 10 percent experienced bullying on the platform.

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Social media bullying has been a concern for quite some time now.

The anti-bullying charity found that the the biggest impact bullying (online or offline) had on young people was social anxiety.

The same study also found Instagram could have a positive effect on self-expression and self-identity - although noted social media was arguably as addictive as cigarettes and alcohol (if not more so), and now so entrenched in the lives of young people it was no longer possible to ignore it when talking about young people's mental health issues.

The report also looks at the frequency of bullying on these platforms, which shows that 54 percent of these people were bullied at some point.

Teens bullied the most on Instagram and Facebook