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Machete-wielding man fights man with trash can in NYC

20 Juillet 2017

The video shows Luis lunging at the victim with the machete, but he drops it. The video then shows the man in red opening the door - that's when the man in white dashes around the back of the auto and swings the machete at him. Roman then allegedly got out of his vehicle as the other man grabbed a trash can - apparently for protection.

An MTA security guard was arrested after he swung a machete and threatened a man with a gun as he fought with him on an Upper West Side, authorities say.

The incident happened just before 7 the intersection of West 94th Street and Broadway.

The two men traded blows at Broadway and West 94th Street early Wednesday, video shows.

The men stopped traffic on Broadway as one dragged a second trash can from across the street after throwing a first can at the vehicle.

'Then the guy got out again and pulled out a machete, because everyone has one of those in the back of their car!' Tena said.

One of the men, identified by police as Bronx resident Lewis Roman, wields a machete. Roman allegedly flashed a gun clip at the pedestrian, and things went downhill from there.

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'The guy in the white shirt already had blood on him when I started filming, ' Tena, an office worker who lives nearby, told on Wednesday night. "On top of that, they're pretty bad fighters".

Police arrived shortly after and the man in the tank top flagged them down and tried to direct officers after the auto, Tena said. "If your machete is going to break, that's a bad sign".

The video starts with the two men taunting each other.

Police recovered the machete, but could not find the pistol Roman claimed to have, police sources said.

Cops pulled Roman over and took him into custody, charging him with assault, criminal mischief, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. Police said the man in red hurt his hand, but that no serious injuries were reported.

He hadn't been arraigned as of Wednesday afternoon, records show.

Machete-wielding man fights man with trash can in NYC