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Legendary Pokemon Announced for Pokemon Go

20 Juillet 2017

"If the Trainers in Chicago succeed in defeating the Legendary Pokemon, that Pokemon will start appearing in Raid Battles around the world, after Pokemon Go Fest".

Niantic may just be saving their comments for when they might reveal the release of the Legendaries at the first Pokemon GO Fest event at the Chicago Grant Park on July 22, which is a few days from now. As for the update 0.69.0, it is reminded that it brings a lot of modifications, especially on the use of arrays, on pokemon arenas or on the addition of icons, such as the one you can see above.

Since the launch of augmented reality (AR) mobile title Pokemon Go, players have been speculating on if any when the famous Legendary Pokemon would make it into the game. "We just completed the analysis of the Pokemon Go 0.69.0 assets, images, icons and texts, and it's fantastic!"

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This is expected to be a Legendary Pocket Monster, probably released through the secret challenge being arranged for the Pokemon Go event in IL.

But something even more interesting is the reports of "special" Pokemon Go Raids being set up. These Pokemon will help trainers defeat Raid Battles and Gym Battles, but can not be left behind to defend gyms due to their strength imbalance. There's not anything special you have to do in order to come across legendaries; they will just appear at gyms as Raid Bosses, and you can challenge them like usual.

As is the case with all Raid Battles, if you defeat the legendary in the raid, you will catch a legendary Pokemon. They also improved the functions of the Pokemon Collection screen search, which is another convenience in this new update for "Pokemon Go". Players who weren't able to snatch up a ticket can still watch the official official livestream on Twitch or YouTube.

Legendary Pokemon Announced for Pokemon Go