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Huckabee Sanders And Fox Reporter Exchange Barbs Over Untelevised Briefings

20 Juillet 2017

While discussing the White House's refusal to allow television coverage of its daily press briefings, Roberts, who is Fox News' chief correspondent at the Presidential residence, decided that he wants to leave the briefing early.

He quipped, "If it was on camera, I might not be".

Fox news reporter John Roberts left Tuesday's briefing early, his decision to do so not going unnoticed by Huckabee Sanders, who commented: "John Roberts is bored today, he's stepping out".

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The audio of at least one off-camera briefing since June aired live on all three cable news networks but was a result of ambivalent guidance from the White House, which has insisted that recordings air only aired on delay.

"To all who are musing over me leaving the ‪@SHSanders45 Briefing.I have a live shot". "And part of that is why I'm supporting taking the briefing off of live TV", he added. "I would have waited until it was over".

Following a contentious few months between reporters and press secretary Sean Spicer, on-camera briefings have become rare, replaced by off-cameras or even smaller press gaggles. "I didn't know that there was an option that we could do it different from day to day". On Wednesday, one reporter defied the White House by streaming live sound of the briefing online. "We get to listen to the briefing; they just won't let you listen to the briefing".