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Google's feed will show personalised news on iOS, Android app

20 Juillet 2017

The Google app will now have a personalised news feed, according to an announcement from the company. Every day droves of people consume news and content via social apps, giving Google's search engine a wide berth.

The new feed experience is now available in the Google app for Android (including the Pixel Launcher) and iOS users in the US.

The extraordinary popularity of mobile devices among Google's services prompted the company to launch its Pixel phone previous year.

So what exactly is the feed? Although the focus will be on showing the user fresh content, Google will veer more towards the role of an article aggregator.

From now on, Google users will get an enhanced content recommendation taking a cue of their preferred topics from the search results itself.

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Shortly after introducing the Pixel, Google first introduced its feed and since then it has been using machine learning to train the algorithms behind feed to understand and predict what individuals find interesting and important.

Of course, just as Google is able to tailor news articles to users' tastes, it will also be able to target advertising to them as well - which is where 87% of its revenue came from in the first three months of 2017.

At the same time, Google has not yet spoken, are you going to include in news feed ads. So if you've been searching about smartphones or cricket or Wimbledon over the past couple of days, news around that topic can be added to your feed. Google will add a "Follow" button next to some search results like movies, sports team, musicians, bands, etc. Your feed will start to incorporate articles and nuggets of information about the famous TV series.

The company say that the news and articles in the feed will be selected from a variety of sources, to avoid the effect of a "bubble" when users see only the materials which illuminate a particular point of view.

Hopefully, this gamble of Google will pay off and will also aid in the fight against Fake News, a problem that mostly stems out of Facebook and Twitter.

Google's feed will show personalised news on iOS, Android app