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Secret Service didn't vet Trump Jr.'s meeting

19 Juillet 2017

Previously, Currier has issued statements criticizing Mayor Ted Wheeler and Portland police for not cracking down harder on anti-Trump protesters. They sat beside the hospital bed he occupied, rubbing his arm and telling him how much they love him. "The committee is considering moving the hearing on enforcement of the Foreign Agents Registration Act".

We know the Democrats have a history of trying to use the Russians to subvert U.S. elections going back Ted Kennedy in the 82 elections. "They have to have their own lawyer".

During a Monday press conference, Chris Christie said that Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer was "probably against the law" if he received opposition research at any point during the exchange.

Those sentiments are included in a resolution adopted by the Oregon Republican Party Central Committee on June 10 and released Sunday by Chairman Bill Currier.

Balber said the individual is a long-time US citizen who speaks fluent Russian and has "never had any engagement with the Russian government in any capacity". Three of them were Russian.

The White House said during the night of the G20 summit, there was, first, a concert for all the leaders in the new Hamburg opera house.

Balber's comments are the first public indication that Mueller is probing the June 2016 gathering in Trump's namesake New York City skyscraper. It was extremely animated.

Trump used that visa clearance to defend his son's meeting with Veselnitskaya, saying then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch had approved her entry to the U.S. Lynch has said she has no knowledge of Veselnitskaya's travel. "That's politics!", the president tweeted Monday.

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"It is not merely perfectly normal; it is part of a President's duties, to interact with world leaders".

The White House confirmation came after media reports revealed the encounter. But it's become untenable for the West Wing staff to keep punting questions about the president. "Toward the end, the president spoke to Putin at the dinner". "He said, 'Absolutely not'". Sekulow made multiple appearances at the White House last week as the controversy over the meeting with the Russian lawyer unfolded.

The expanding legal teams come at a cost.

And as for Don Jr's meeting?

The meeting has drawn widespread scrutiny since The New York Times reported on it earlier this month.

Here's the state of play for congressional Russia investigations. The firm has continued to represent the campaign for standard services affiliated with any political committee.

3. Who says they testify at all?

Trump denies that he or anyone in his campaign knowingly colluded with Moscow.

Secret Service didn't vet Trump Jr.'s meeting