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Man Survives Fall Into Abandoned Well In Cohasset

19 Juillet 2017

The man fell 10 to 15 feet and suffered leg and back injuries.

A family member called 911 when they heard him screaming for help.

Dockray says that it took roughly 20 minutes to remove the man from the hole.

A man survived a frightening fall into a narrow well in a Cohasset yard overnight.

The Plymouth County Technical Rescue Team - made up of about 70 firefighters from 27 cities and towns - responded to the Ripley Road well in Cohasset shortly after 1 a.m., according to the rescue team's Twitter page. And it appears that somebody may have moved it off.

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Fire officials say the well an 18-inch, steel cover, but it appears someone removed it.

The Plymouth County Tech Rescue Team was called in to assist the Cohasset Fire Department.

He was then Med Flighted to Massachusetts General Hospital.

Silvia said this is the first time he's been part of a rescue from a well in all of his years on the job.