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Maine Lobstermen Recall Freeing Seal Pup From Rope

19 Juillet 2017

A trapped seal pup had a fortunate encounter with lobstermen, and it was caught on video.

In a video of the rescue that saved this little guy's life, a man identified by WCSH as Jeremy Willey, a fourth-generation lobsterman from Owls Head, a coastal ME town south of Bar Harbor.

Video Gamage posted to Facebook shows Willey carefully cutting through the rope, which was wrapped around the seal's neck, until the creature is freed and released back into the water.

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Jeffery Door took video of the encounter, which was posted to Facebook.

The heartwarming clip has been shared widely, and by Tuesday morning it had been viewed more than a million times. Door pulled the trapped pup aboard to see what they could do. After a couple of minutes of cutting, the seal was free.

He returned the bewildered-looking seal pup to the water and watched the furry captive float near the boat for few moments.

Maine Lobstermen Recall Freeing Seal Pup From Rope