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LastPass will soon manage passwords for the entire family

19 Juillet 2017

Popular password manager LastPass has announced a family subscription plan. Not to mention that they also lose the credentials from time to time, so you have to share them again via email or texts, which is not really safe.

Everything you need, organized and shared the way you want. Thankfully, there's a trend toward being more security conscious, and LastPass is a great way to get around the issue of having too much important information to remember. With LastPass Families, you can combine all valuable information, from online bank accounts to healthcare details, in one secure place - and then give emergency access to a family member. Plus, the family manager can add and remove members as needed, so your account can change as your family does.

LastPass has unveiled its new family-oriented password storage platform called LastPass Families.

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Specific details on LastPass Families are now a little unclear, but it looks as if the new product will provide similar sharing features as LastPass's enterprise service, with a focus on sharing between up to six family members.

LastPass says that you can organize things that you want to share into folders, to make that information easy to find, but you can also have data that you want to keep private as well.