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Principale » CNN's Jake Tapper condemns the Women's March pro cop-killer tweet

CNN's Jake Tapper condemns the Women's March pro cop-killer tweet

19 Juillet 2017

After facing outrage over their choice to honor Shakur, the Women's March pushed back in defense of their tweet. The Twitter account later defended this action, saying that although the terrorist "took a militant approach", they can still "appreciate her work".

Born Joanne Deborah Bryon in Queens, New York, in 1947, Shakur later joined the Black Panther Party and engaged in assorted radical activities. She escaped prison two years later and is now hiding in Cuba. She was charged with murder after she and some companions gunned down New Jersey state troopers during a traffic stop. "The circumstances behind the escape are unknown". Why, then, CNN's Jake Tapper wondered, aren't any progressives speaking out against the march? "Any progressives out there condemning this?" he wrote.

Women's March, the anti-Trump and left-wing protest movement, praised a convicted cop killer, yet the liberal media did not consider it newsworthy on their online homepages. "Democrats must condemn this now", Scarborough tweeted.

The Women's March has celebrated controversial individuals in the past, including Donna Hylton, who was convicted of kidnapping a man and torturing him to death.

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According to its website, the Women's March seeks to "harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change".

The Women's March also blamed the "right wing" for having a history of trying to discredit political activists.

The group garnered global attention when they held a large rally in Washington, D.C.in January, reportedly drawing more people than President Donald Trump's Inauguration ceremony.

CNN's Jake Tapper condemns the Women's March pro cop-killer tweet