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Australians safer under new 'Home Office' style national security department: PM

19 Juillet 2017

Until now, this responsibility has been shared.

The Cabinet shake-up came a day after Turnbull said Australia's military would be more readily deployed to respond to "terrorist incidents" at home.

Terry O'Gorman is the President of the Australian Council for Civil Liberties and tells Steve Austin his concerns of giving so much power to one Minister.

He said agency heads were consulted and it was not done for political reasons.

Dutton admitted that while the relevant organizations had been doing a wonderful job which under their separate jurisdictions, modeling has shown that an "umbrella approach" works.

"As we've seen in the UK for a long period of time, as we've seen in Canada and other comparable jurisdictions, including the United States, every effort has to be made to bring agencies together, and that's been the recommendations of people who have done analysis in this space for a long period of time", Dutton explained.

"I believe we have got the balance right".

Bodyguard for Memphis rapper arrested in connection with club shooting
Hampton is the rapper whose concert in Little Rock was the site of a shooting that left 28 people injured on July 1. Hampton said he hired Gwynn as his security guard because he "grew up seeing him" and Gwynn "cares about his life".

"Our security environment is being shaped by changes in our region and beyond", Turnbull told reporters in Canberra.

Asked on Wednesday if the merger will make Australia safer, Mr Turnbull told the Nine Network: "Yes, it will".

"At the moment, you have the counter-terrorism agencies, Australian domestic security agencies, in effect split between three departments, between attorney-generals, immigration border protection and my own department".

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten spoke to Mr Turnbull on Tuesday night and said the party would not stand in the way of the changes but wanted advice from experts.

"Where is the problem to justify the biggest overhaul in 40 years?"

"Set and forget has no place in national security".

The government said the new portfolio would likely begin operations in June next year.

Australians safer under new 'Home Office' style national security department: PM