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Charlize Theron on a mission to defy gender norms in 'Atomic Blonde'

18 Juillet 2017

And now Charlize Theron's co-star Chris Hemsworth, 33, has put her name forward to take on another iconic role - James Bond.

Thankfully, with Mom's help, Theron was able to hide some of the more strenuous parts of the shoot from her kids, 6-year-old Jackson and almost 2-year-old August.

Theron - who's being praised for her badassery in her latest film "Atomic Blonde" - also said her character in the film has shades of Ian Fleming's super spy, adding the two might actually be a ideal match.

"I think she kicked into mom mode", the Oscar victor said.

"I don't bring them around for a lot of that stuff", she revealed.

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On a mission to discover who killed her friend and fellow agent, Lorraine (Charlize) finds herself caught up in a web of lies as it unfolds that there is a string of double agents in her midst. "She was a little concerned".

"She scares the hell out of me and I think she can beat me up and most villains out there. But she definitely became protective". "They're young and I don't think it's appropriate, but they come on set when Mom's not in prosthetics". Theron shared. "It energizes me". "The balance of that was what made me push as hard as I did on this film, because I felt so confident in what I was doing as a mother and working".

"She made me feel very comfortable and she made me laugh".

"Your children really make you see who you really are", she continued.

Atomic Blonde is released in cinemas on August 9.

Charlize Theron on a mission to defy gender norms in 'Atomic Blonde'