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WhatsApp Beta for iPhone supports 'in-app' playback of YouTube videos

17 Juillet 2017

Excited already? The word is that the Facebook-owned social messaging app is using the concept of picture-in-picture (PIP) view to let users play open YouTube links within its platform. In that new update, the users will be able to watch YouTube videos within the app.

As we all know that WhatsApp don't support in app playback for YouTube videos.

This option is now been worked on internally and we assume that the feature will be released to users with larger screens.

You can also momentarily hide the Picture in Picture mode without stopping the video to read better your messages, sliding it right as you can see in this video that shows how it works.

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Users are however not able to continue playback when entering other apps. This feature is not available ti the public as it is now in testing phase. This maybe because of a need for larger display size for videos, the report said.

There's no news about this feature for Android and Windows Phone users.

The feature has been in high demand from users as it was an annoying thing to use when watching YouTube videos meant going to a different portal.

We can expect that WhatsApp will launch this feature soon unless they find any problem with the new feature. And it is not too much of a surprise that a new update of the app is set to come out soon. The latest update includes a few more features, including the option of swiping up from the in-app camera to see videos and images from the gallery, sending multiple pics as an album, and simpler text formatting.

WhatsApp Beta for iPhone supports 'in-app' playback of YouTube videos