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Updated TouchPal keyboard starts serving banner ads to HTC 10 users

17 Juillet 2017

We're grateful to HTC but unfortunately, some HTC 10 owners are not happy with their units whose keyboards started showing ads.

So says a bunch of pissed off HTC customers over on Reddit, who have slammed the company for shoving adverts onto the top of the default TouchPal keyboard on some of its Android smartphones, including the HTC 10. Removing those ads require users to purchase the paid version of the keyboard.

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That said, HTC is not without fault here. Now that HTC has been made aware about the ads, it might try to do something about them. UPDATE: HTC this evening gave us the following statement. Ads will be removed "as quickly as possible", while in the meantime, folks on Twitter are being told to locate the TouchPal app in the Settings menu and uninstall its updates. And since they are the customer's first recourse, users will naturally blame them or come to them for solutions or both. On the one hand that is an easy thing to do. Given that our smartphone screens are pretty limited, having an ad take up additional space means that whatever you're viewing just got more constrained. Instead, you will see an Uninstall Updates button in its place. Tap on that and accept the warnings. It is, however, still a bad first experience for users who really just want to be able to type in peace, without being bothered by ads.

The default keyboard on HTC phones is actually built by a company called TouchPal, and it's possible that the company added ads to the keyboard without even notifying HTC. But in its HTC-specific iteration, it has plummeted to under 3 stars after a mystery server error caused the recent invasion of unwanted ads on high-end devices, mainly the 10. More worrying, however, is the thought that such an invasive change slipped past HTC or that it allowed it to go through, despite being "not the experience we intended".

Updated TouchPal keyboard starts serving banner ads to HTC 10 users