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Teen found hanged at school was 'tormented by racist bullies'

17 Juillet 2017

Dagmara Przybysz moved to the United Kingdom with her family nine years ago before she was discovered dead in a cubicle last May.

A Polish teenager found hanged in school toilets had been targeted by racist bullies before her death, an inquest has heard. "I told her to report this".

But the inquest heard she had confided to friends and family that she had been singled out because of her nationality by bullies who called her a "stupid Pole" and told her she "did not belong here".

Susan Kent, in charge of pastoral support at the school, said she had seen Dagmara on several occasions including on the day before her death without seeing anything to suggest the teenager was at risk: "To the best of my knowledge she never mentioned any problems of racism to me". "She often talked about problems and she was often hurt when people said unpleasant things".

Mr Przybysz said: "My wife and I kept wondering whether we should have kept Dagmara home that day but there was no physical sign that she had taken any tablets, otherwise we would have taken her to hospital".

Mr Przybysz said he was waiting outside school to collect Dagmara when his wife called to say the police were at their home and that Dagmara was dead.

Przybysz said his daughter had made many friends at primary school since coming to the United Kingdom in February 2009 but had not settled at secondary school and asked to move.

Mr Przybysz explained "Dagmara had many friends at this school", but they made a decision to send her to Pool Academy for secondary school because it had a good reputation.

Her mother, Ewelina Przybysz, told the first day of the inquest that Dagmara was a "very attractive lady".

Lewis said Dagmara told him that other pupils made racist comments to her such as "go back to your own country" and he said: "I think it got to her a little bit". I do not know who these girls were.

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'I did not know what they said on this occasion but it was just a few days before Dagmara passed away.

The inquest also heard about an incident at a PE lesson the day before Dagmara died, in which she fell out with other pupils during a game of rounders and needed medical treatment after punching a wall in frustration.

The inquest also heard how Dagmara had answered "racism" in response to a question about what problems she had at school, which was posted anonymously on the social media site "Later on she said she had problems at school that she said I would not understand".

She added one particular gang of girls were causing her problems.

Lewis Simpson, Dagmara's boyfriend, said he met her at primary school and they had dated on and off since they were 14.

"Lewis said: "(She said) she sat outside the changing room and heard girls saying frightful things about her because she had taken PE so seriously. She said: "I used to sit next to her in class".

He said both he and Dagmara became angry later that day when discussing a rumour that they were going to break up, which he said was not true, and at one point she said to him "What would you do if I killed myself?" but that he had not thought she was serious.

Both Dagmara's parents and Lewis told coroner Dr Emma Carlyon that she had not left any kind of note before her death.

The inquest, which is expected to last three days, continues.

Teen found hanged at school was 'tormented by racist bullies'