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Doctor Who: 5 Things to Watch to Get to Know Jodie Whittaker

17 Juillet 2017

But, as every Who fan knows, time is not a straight line - and the past is as important as the future. But is it possible that a familiar face will be introduced as 13 in Doctor Who?

"Her audition for the Doctor simply blew us all away", Chibnall explained.

This also adds context to the "complicated regeneration" Peter Capaldi has promised for the Christmas episode.

BBC has made history with the selection of the newest star of "Doctor Who". Capaldi is an immensely brilliant actor, capable of great range and extraordinary skill in the tasks he is set.

BBC has officially announced the 13th Doctor Who!

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Fans are already losing it over the prospect of a woman Time Lord, and we can't blame them based on Whittaker's dramatic reveal.

Jodie Whittaker has been confirmed as Doctor Who's 13th Doctor, the Whoniverse's first leading lady, and I'm really quite sad. 23rd November, as well as being the yearly anniversary of the show, should be Twelfth Doctor Eyebrow Appreciation Day from now on. I've embroiled myself in a whole world of lies which is going to come back at me when this is announced! The show still pulls in five million viewers, but when the revamped series returned in 2005, it had audiences almost twice that size.

SHE was lured into one of the world's most iconic TV roles with a chat about Broadchurch. First and foremost, Doctor Who is a show made for families to enjoy together. He oversaw Whittaker's casting, having previously worked with her on Broadchurch. And the mystery of Clara kept fans guessing, always a good thing with Who. Tilda Swinton, Olivia Colman and Phoebe Waller-Bridge have all been linked to the role, alongside Ben Whishaw and Love Actually star Kris Marshall. Capaldi's Doctor was refusing to regenerate after his battle with the Modasian Cybermen, so the TARDIS took him to the site of The First Doctor's regeneration. Donna continues to be a fan favorite, with people believing she has what it takes to be the Doctor. And added to that, to be the first woman in that role.

A new Doctor won't be the only big change coming to Doctor Who next year, as executive producer and showrunner Steven Moffat is also stepping down.

That's why I was utterly stunned when Whittaker's eye appeared beneath the hood in that short teaser aired during the Wimbledon final.

Doctor Who: 5 Things to Watch to Get to Know Jodie Whittaker