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Atari Reveals Its New Ataribox Console

17 Juillet 2017

Creating a console that plays both retro games and more modern titles, even if they only turn out to be Android-based, is certainly a ballsy move given the failure of most microconsoles.

Atari's first console in over two decades, the Ataribox, has been fully revealed.

After going bust (again) in 2013, Chesnais has refocused the company on licensing and mobile and is turning a profit again, so much so that it appears to have the working capital to start building stuff again, for the first time since the Atari Jaguar in 1993. Atari is not sharing the specs of the console yet. The device has a HDMI port, four USB ports and SD card support.

Taking its cues from the Atari 2600, the company is planning on releasing two versions of the machine - one with the classic black and wood panelling design, and another with red accents. 'It also means that while we will be delivering classic gaming content, we will also be delivering current gaming content'.

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Unfortunately, there are no further details on pricing or availability, but we do know that the Ataribox can be had in the classic black/wood finish or in a more modern black/red color scheme.

Atari plans to deliver classic games in the Ataribox, alongside "current content".

Still, whatever the Ataribox ends up being, the one definite takeaway is that it'll certainly look nice on your mantelpiece, or wherever the hell it is that you keep your games consoles. The Ataribox simply had a name back then and a teaser video that suggested it could be a vintage console in line with Nintendo's NES Mini.

Atari has not provided any information on internal hardware, pricing, release date or what games will be available when the console launches, but the company says it listens closely to feedback from the Atari community as it makes these decisions. "We're not teasing you intentionally." continues the newsletter "We want to get this right, so we've opted to share things step by step as we bring this to life".

Atari Reveals Its New Ataribox Console