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ANC MP Makhosi Khoza warned

17 Juillet 2017

"This is what I go through every day. I have reported to the police, but nothing has happened!" she wrote in an accompanying post. Khoza posted on Facebook.

Khoza is under fire for speaking out against corruption, state capture and for backing a secret ballot in next month's motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma.

"I never thought that they would escalate [this] to my children‚" she said.

She has since been subjected to a number of threats including a march to her house by the ANC Youth League.

This was followed by a message stating "I will find and kill you" and another threat warning that "you have 21 days before you die".

She was further warned: "You have 20 days let (sic)".

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Black First Land First (BLF) denies that it has threatened ANC member of Parliament Makhosi Khoza with death. "BLF does not and will not fight black people, including those we regard as askaris".

BLF had a policy to defend all blacks, even those it disagreed with, the statement said.

Daily Maverick reports that the number which sent the threats was registered to the BLF.

While the DA believes that overall too much is spent frivolously on VIP Protection - due to our bloated Cabinet that is overinflated for political reasons of Zuma accommodating cronies, in the case of Dr Khoza, there is a clear need to provide this protection to her and her family.

True Caller is a free app available to Android and Apple users and picks up the name a number is saved under on any user's phone that has True Caller installed.

"You can imagine the difficulty of verifying such in a mass movement. BLF holds the principle of "peace among blacks"‚" he said.

ANC MP Makhosi Khoza warned