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Amazon Alexa lands on HTC U11

17 Juillet 2017

In addition, with Alexa in the mix, the U11 now has two voice control assistants and three virtual assistants (there's the Google Assistant that comes with every Android phone and HTC also adds it own assistant called Sense Companion) on this one phone. When the Echo smart speaker was released in 2014, it was something of a novelty, though it has since invited a multitude of imitators.

The new calling feature - which enables Echo owners to make free VOIP calls to users on their contact list free of charge - was heavily criticised for not allowing users to block people.

Calling between Echo devices is now only available in the United States, however the feature is expected to roll-out to UK Echo owners soon.

You can even change Alexa's trigger word if you want. Amazon still needs to work with developers if it ever wants Alexa to be considered as a competitor to Assistant and Siri.

David and Tom just revealed what they believe are the 10 best stocks for investors to buy right now. and Amazon wasn't one of them! It only offers non- spoken suggestions and reminders. And Amazon's digital assistant worked on a phone nearly exactly like you would expect from a first-party Alexa device such as an Echo or a Dot.

Amazon Alexa lands on HTC U11
Amazon Alexa lands on HTC U11

"The Alexa family of devices will become more and more integrated into your daily life", Frankel said.

Amazon Prime Day took place last week, and many people took advantage of that time to get good deals. Unfortunately, previous attempts did not work out the way they should have.

ChengmingAlpert also posted a video demonstration of the Edge Sense with new functions. It still isn't flawless but it is functional so users can truly enjoy what it has to offer.

"Now, HTC U11 customers will have Alexa with them at home and on the go", said Steve Rabuchin, VP Amazon Alexa. And, now with the HTC U11, users can activate the Alexa with a voice command when the screen is off or when the handset is locked. It's highly likely that other smartphone manufacturers will follow in the footsteps of HTC and Motorola too.

Alexa has multiple features some you can use on HTC U11 like: Access Alexa's vast library of skills, Track Amazon orders and read your shopping notifications, Check traffic and a sports score, Tell you the weather where you are - you don't have to ask for the city name ("Alexa, what's the temperature right now?").

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Amazon Alexa lands on HTC U11