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New Jaguar E-Pace breaks barrel roll jump world record

16 Juillet 2017

And if what we've seen so far is anything to go by, the new E-Pace configurator is going to be working overtime as buyers flock to grab a vehicle which is Jaguar's best chance in a generation to set their sales alight. The stunt performed by Jaguar E-Pace has already set a world record with this daring barrel roll. The jaguar E-Pace launched itself with a 270-degree corkscrew. The Jaguar E-Pace which is company's cheapest SUV, will directly compete with existing rivals including the likes of the BMW's X1, Mercedes-Benz GLA, and Audi's Q3. During the "Barrel Roll" stunt with the E-Pace, Terry required a 160 metre run up to be at the optimum speed for a successful attempt. The stunt that was performed to reveal the Jaguar E-Pace was inspired from Roger Moore's famous twist in James Bond classic.

With a design which may say Jaguar "Cub" - but definitely doesn't say "baby" F-Pace as we'd expected - Jaguar has delivered a vehicle which makes just about anything you would consider a challenge - Audi Q3, BMW X1, Mercedes GLA - look rather passé. At the official unveiling of the auto, Jaguar had then attempted and broken the Guinness world record with the loop-the-loop stunt.

It's just 48 hours since the new Jaguar E-Pace was revealed, but Jaguar are wasting no time reaching out to buyers, with the E-Pace configurator already live on Jaguar's website.

According to the company most of the features will be high across most of the variants. For the non-First Edition models, you'll pay £50,710 for the P300 R-Dynamic HSE.

Up to five USB points will be there in the Jaguar E-Pace as standard.

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But all that said, Jaguar has been clever with the pricing, ensuring there's good headlines to grab the interest of buyers (Jaguar expect 80 per cent of E-Pace buyers to be new to the brand) and a big spread of specs and options to optimise their bottom line.

It's been said before about new Jaguars, but the E-Pace really does look like it'll be a game changer.

With 297 bhp power the Jaguar E-Pace petrol can easily touch 0-100 kmph in 5.9 seconds.

With a starting price of 28, 500 in United Kingdom the Jaguar E-Pace is expected to be introduced in the Indian market with a larger price tag which may be above Rs. 24 lakh.

New Jaguar E-Pace breaks barrel roll jump world record