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What is Bastille Day and why do the French celebrate it?

15 Juillet 2017

Along with Macron, Trump will be attending the Bastille Day military parade this morning on the Champs Élysée.

Given how unpopular President Trump is in France the invitation from the new French president was quite remarkable belying how Macron is gaming his future relationship with its increasingly erratic U.S. ally.

"It makes Macron the man who invites the powerful people of the world", said François Heisbourg, a French national security expert who advised the Macron campaign on terrorism.

Like the Trumps, there is an age difference between the Macrons. It was meant to impress, and it clearly hit the mark. The schism on that issue would "absolutely not" prevent France and the US from working together on other matters, he assured, turning kindly in his Trump's direction. There has to be something Machiavellian going on.n'est pas?

Let's start with several shared, albeit, superficial political similarities.

In Paris, Donald Trump indicated that he might reverse his decision. The Marquis de Sade was once a prisoner there. Both presidents stressed their personal friendship. "We've got to have America around".

American first ladies have made a tradition of visiting children in hospitals, and on Thursday Melania Trump continued that custom in Paris. Frenchmen openly wept after the defeat.

Trump reportedly requested military hardware to be included in his inaugural parade, though ultimately the usual mix of marching bands processed down Pennsylvania Avenue instead of tanks and troops.

Designed with a slimming pencil skirt, the dress is adorned below the neckline with what resembles a bouquet of wheat.

Can I go see where this happened? It was Mr. Saint Laurent's favorite flower.

Des milliers de limogeages en Turquie, un an après le putsch manqué
Ce décret survient à la veille des commémorations du premier anniversaire de la tentative de coup d'Etat, le 15 juillet 2016.

The parallels and similarities have some fairly strict limits.

Enter Macron, an outspoken advocate of globalization and an "ever closer" European Union who initially seemed an anti-Trump figure on the world stage - and even a temporary antagonist of the U.S. president. Turning to his French counterpart with a smile on Thursday, Trump cheered Macron's "courageous call for that less bureaucracy". His goal: compel the old parties to evaporate.

"France is America's first and oldest ally". It can be found in George Washington's residence of Mount Vernon. But this time, it's all in honor of France. They may wake up soon and realize their grass roots support was usurped by Macron.

"We experienced the international community's overwhelming appreciation and support for the US leadership in achieving this landmark achievement".

While most of the injured have recovered from their wounds, between 10 and 20 patients are still in treatment, DW reported, citing the local university hospital official. "It's a variety of stuff from everybody".

Bastille Day is a common English term for French National Day.

Macron wanted to put on a show of military power and claim Frances place as a "great world power".

Restoring the lost power and glory of the French presidency is good for the home team and good for the United States. There are very few world leaders President Trump has embraced.

As the guests of French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte, FLOTUS and the President were a foursome dining at chef Alain Ducasse's Michelin-starred restaurant. Trump has heard similar criticism from his opponents, mostly Democrats, who accuse him of pursuing authoritarian power grabs with executive actions like the travel ban.

What is Bastille Day and why do the French celebrate it?