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Sam Barlow Developing Next Video Game, 'Telling Lies,' With Annapurna (EXCLUSIVE)

15 Juillet 2017

Telling Lies is the next interactive video experience game coming from Sam Barlow, creator of 2015's award-winning Her Story, the developer announced today.

Drawing upon Annapurna Interactive's resources and relationships, Barlow will be able to raise production values for the new project and work with creatives and talent to suit the game's ambitions. It's being published by Annapurna Interactive, which will also oversee the production of the live-action parts of the game.

There's little information floating around regarding Telling Lies, other than Barlow's mention that it's a "political thriller with 3-4 key characters". Filming is set to start at the end of this year or early 2018.

L'équipementier "Faurecia" ouvre une usine à Salé (VIDÉO)
Je ne peux pas vous exprimer le bonheur que je ressens à des moments solennels comme l'inauguration d'une usine", a-t-il affirmé. Il sera situé lui aussi à Kenitra, là où PSA a lancé le mois dernier les travaux de construction de sa future usine automobile.

"Imagine Steve McQueen's 'Shame' mashed up with 'The Conversation, '" Barlow said. The 1970s, he added, "were such a golden age [for] exploring the intersection of government, society and individuals", suggesting that Telling Lies could bear a similar aesthetic. However, it'll feature an entirely new story, characters, and locations. In Her Story, players scoured a database of videos to uncover its narrative piece by piece.

Barlow took the gaming world completely by surprise in 2015, blending keyword-based investigation with hours of compelling live-action video interviews.

Hopefully we don't have a long time to wait to try it out. We can let scenes run and unspool.

Sam Barlow Developing Next Video Game, 'Telling Lies,' With Annapurna (EXCLUSIVE)