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Microsoft Presses Forward with the New Skype

15 Juillet 2017

On top of that, the developers have added even more functions to Skype for Android and iOS. They have also announced today new features that will be available to users in the coming weeks. Following users reports, Microsoft has chose to bring back some of the features that were cut out after the last major update.

Earlier this week, Microsoft released an update for its UWP Skype app, bringing a new design that ditches the hamburger menu.

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Microsoft has also done a lot of modifications to the app like tweaking the interface to give it a polished look, adding new themes and improving the interface of the chat screen.

Skype would now show the Status of users on the home screen which will allow them to easily find who is active. You also now have native sharing capabilities so you can share content from other apps and services onto your Skype conversations. There's also some updates to the interface that, says Microsoft, boosts legibility and also increases the ease by which users can get into their conversations and navigate around. Lastly, a couple of fixes have been implemented that are supposed to address issues that users experience when trying to delete contacts or conversations. Though the new version isn't going anywhere, the backlash has been at least a tiny bit successful in getting changes: Microsoft has brought back the status icon, for example, as well as another feature. If you're on a call, you can also now multi-task, like watch a YouTube video or search for something on Google.

Microsoft Presses Forward with the New Skype