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United Kingdom in talks on nuclear cooperation outside the European Union, says energy minister

12 Juillet 2017

The Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) hit back after Damian Green dismissed doctors' warnings that radioactive isotopes used in scans and treatments may no longer be available as "scaremongering".

Mr Neill pointed to "very great benefits" to the United Kingdom from continued Euratom membership, adding: "We should not allow any thoughts of ideological purity to get in the way of achieving that".

Before the official Brexit the United Kingdom needs to reach an agreement with the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) over all fissile materials owned and maintained by Euratom.

Mr Owen said there are a multitude of options for the future of Britain and the Euratom.

Labour MP Daniel Zeichner said the decision to leave was being driven by the prime minister's "antipathy" to the European Court of Justice and her desire to "bring in its own referee rather than playing by the rules".

She has signalled Britain will seek a close post-Brexit relationship with the regulator, similar to those enjoyed by other non-EU countries, amid reports of growing Tory disquiet over her plan to leave it.

"My judgment is that if we can legally remain within Euratom, we should do so". Associate membership is possible - Switzerland is an associate member - but this would mean the ECJ still has jurisdiction, if only in a limited way, within the UK.

"I can't think anyone would object to the very modest movement of skilled nuclear scientists who only benefit this country, that again would be cutting off your economic and scientific nose to spite your political face, and we shouldn't do such a thing".

Tory former minister Ed Vaizey asked for legal advice which has influenced the Government's position on Euratom to be published in a "distilled" version.

Sellafield in Cumbria is regulated by Euratom deal
GETTYSellafield plant in Cumbria would be affected if the UK does not make a wise decision on Euratom

Tory MP Alex Chalk (Cheltenham), intervening on Mr Vaizey, also said: "Continuing membership of Euratom does not in any way preclude the striking of free trade deals or controlling our borders, which are the stated aims of Brexit".

Euratom is a legal community of nations that exists to create a European market for nuclear power. "I am arguing we need transitional arrangement which suits us, and not rely on French investment going forwards".

Business and energy minister Richard Harrington said the primary aim in negotiations was to maintain the UK's mutually successful civil nuclear cooperation with Euratom and the rest of the world.

The government will publish a paper setting out their stance on Thursday. "To this end, we are negotiating with the U.S., Canada, Australia and Japan so that we have the appropriate cooperation agreements in place".

The already having "constructive discussions" about nuclear cooperation agreements with countries outside the European Union ahead of plans to leave the body that governs civil nuclear power in the bloc, a government minister told MPs in the House of Commons Wednesday.

He said: "What I am anxious about is a cliff edge - leaving something which has served us well for may years".

On the safety and health concerns, he added: "I must make it clear that we remain committed to the highest standards of nuclear safety and support for the industry".

'The import or export of medical radio isotopes is not subject to any particular Euratom licencing requirements.

Quand le président du CA voulait enquêter sur les journalistes et un député — Samusocial
IL assure en outre ne pas y avoir donné suite, comme en atteste ce mail qu'il a envoyé dans la foulée aux trois directeurs. Alain Maron a découvert le document avec stupéfaction ce 12 juillet. "Ce sont des pratiques de type mafieux ou sectaire".

United Kingdom in talks on nuclear cooperation outside the European Union, says energy minister