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Cards Against Humanity Lampoons Sexist Marketing With Pink 'For Her' Deck

12 Juillet 2017

Cards Against Humanity is known for its tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, and the game showed its sarcastic side once again with the release of a parody "For Her" version, which is exactly the same as the original version, save for the fact that the box is pink and the game costs $5 more.

Cards Against Humanity for Her contains all the same cards as the original game, with the same exact color scheme of black prompt cards and white answer cards.

While the pink set is a joke, its clever commentary on the "pink tax" that women often face.

Cards Against Humanity's community director Jenn Bane told HuffPost that the company was inspired to lampoon these gimmicks with the new deck. That's why we made Cards Against Humanity for Her.It's trendy, stylish, and easy to understand.

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The company released a witty press release to launch the product and the website with testimonies that claimed the product "makes me feel like my type of lovely".

More branding on lets women know all the extra benefits to the pink packaging.

Just unveiled on Tuesday, Cards Against Humanity for Her- a for-the-ladies version of the game-comes replete with a new product landing page, shot through with a Shutterstock-esque presentation of stereotypically feminine, pamper-y marketing tropes (wine, selfies, facials, etc.). Proceeds are going to Emily's List, which campaigns for pro-choice women in U.S. elections. In addition to the new version, CAH also released the Period Pack and the Weed Pack, expansions to the base game that are, as you might've guessed, about periods and marijuana, respectively. Profits from the "Weed" pack will go toward the Marijuana Policy Project, to support the regulation and taxation of marijuana products.

Cards Against Humanity Lampoons Sexist Marketing With Pink 'For Her' Deck