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Attorney General Meets Law Enforcement in Texas

12 Juillet 2017

Speaking at a Drug Abuse Resistance Education training conference, Jeff Sessions revealed he was interested in bringing back to prominence the Drug Abuse Resistance Education otherwise known as the 80s answer to addiction issues, D.A.R.E.

The attorney general criticized the Obama administration for cutting back on the use of the toughest sentences for drug crimes.

"We know it worked before and we can make it work again", he continued.

The program is already making a comeback in several communities, according to D.A.R.E.'s website, with Weymouth, MA, and Lake County, FL, among the areas to recently revive the program.

The AG also said the Department of Justice will work with state and local authorities, while tapping D.A.R.E., to stop drug traffickers. "We need prevent them from finding new victims".

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In a 1998 report to Congress, the National Criminal Justice Reference Service found that the program did not reduce substance abuse, citing the content and teaching methods and its use of police officers as possibly contributing to the weak evaluations.

"D.A.R.E. does not work to reduce substance use". But the drug and violence resistance program has taken a number of hits over the years, with numerous scientific studies disputing the effectiveness of its "But you promised to say 'No!'" approach to youth education.

", I think, as I indicated, the best remembered anti-drug program today", Sessions said.

A former congressman who was once busted for drugs chimed in on Sessions' D.A.R.E. remarks.

Attorney General Meets Law Enforcement in Texas