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'Game of Thrones:' Watch Kit Harington's 'Leaked' Audition Tapes on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

11 Juillet 2017

His "never-before-seen screen tests" were played during Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night after allegedly being handed over by the Game of Thrones producers. And judging by its contents, Harington's eventual casting on the HBO drama was nothing short of a miracle.

But according to Jimmy Kimmel, whose show the actor appeared on last night, there were several other characters the Londoner auditioned for.

Harington then closes the ghastly audition by suggesting a Thrones/Harry Potter crossover - and the result is so, so wrong.

McLaren compte conserver Vandoorne
Fernando peut s'adapter à de nombreux problèmes plus vite que Stoffel car il connaît beaucoup plus de circuits. Stoffel Vandoorne est assuré de conserver son volant chez McLaren pour une seconde saison l'année prochaine.

We bet you can't get through this without laughing.

In the clip, Kit takes on the roles of Cersei Lannister, Arya Stark, Ygritte, Hodor, and Daenerys Targaryen. It's a sudden appreciation of Emilia Clarke.

Winter is coming! Watch the full video below.